New plan for 2013; Tibet – Everest Expedition

Tibet - Everest Camp 3Besides an Everest Expedition from the Nepali side, we have decided to plan an Everest Expedition from the Tibetan side in 2013 as well. Together with a strong and experienced team: leader, guide, climbing Sherpa’s, cooks, all with extensive climbing experience on Everest and other 7000 and 8000 mountains in the Himalayas we’re convinced we offer you a great opportunity.

What you need to know: it’s small, professional and environmental friendly
From the beginning we have pushed ourselves to organize our expeditions as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that we only operate in small teams that hardly impact the environment and cooperate as a family. We only use professional equipment used in a very friendly and relaxed base camp setup or high camps, designed to operate without leaving a trace.

The food…, my god!
Mountain Consult’s food menu’s consist of a wide variety of tasty and energetic meals that are well balanced, nutritious and healthy. In case you have special food wishes or demands, you are always able to discuss it with us so we can make arrangements for your specific wishes… It’s also good to know that we love real food! Nice, fresh, organic, local vegetables, fruits, cheeses and meat all from the clean and healthy Sherpa land. Off course we also need a few imported items, but even these are chosen for its quality of health and taste!

Keeping it clean, reducing our impact
The past is gone! While expeditions in the past just left their equipment and food behind in base camps or higher up the mountain, we make sure to bring everything down. No matter if it’s equipment, food, oxygen bottles or even our personal waste. Besides that, we also contribute our share of equipment, man power and money to establish the fixed ropes and to clean up the old ones. Another thing to minimize our impact is the use of solar equipment instead of generators. For us this all is just a very logical thing to do, as we really love to climb in a clean mountain area.

Less is more
Like we said, we only operate with small teams. We truly believe that ‘less is more’. When it concerns safety, overcrowding, atmosphere, personal attention, contact with local people, Sherpa crew and summit success, small groups definitely are in favor. Your chance to stand on the Everest summit in a pleasant way increases in a small team. Smaller teams are more flexible and because of that, better able to make use of the weather windows as they may open quickly and only for a short time. To get the most out of your expedition, we believe that everyone should be able to make a second summit attempt. That’s why we operate our Everest expeditions in 60 days time, we stock our camps with sufficient gas, food and spare equipment and off course enough oxygen, with buy back guarantee!

Climbing Everest at realistic costs
We understand that nobody wants to spend more money than necessary. Any Everest expedition is expensive, no matter how you organize it. There are very expensive and luxurious expeditions, there are very basic, cheaper expeditions. We believe that it’s all about the total climbing experience. The experience should be a safe one, well organized, guided by friendly and experienced people, good equipment and great food in family atmosphere. Off course, this has a certain price, but definitely not the highest! We pay decent salaries to our staff, but we try to keep things realistic as well. We’re not aiming at high profits ourselves, we aim at client satisfaction, at a positive Himalayan experience that will last forever! That’s more important to us than anything else. As climbers ourselves we know exactly how it is…

Or have a look at the description at our website!

Join us for next spring!


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